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Silk Beauty Salon offers a wide range of Nail, Waxing, Eye lash extensions and Body treatments. We are located in Fourways and many of our clients are from surrounding suburbs such as Lonehill and Bryanston. Our friendly staff are trained, qualified and experienced in all of these areas and will ensure that your experience is a memorable one.

Silk Dreams

Dreaming of silk is a sign of joy and happy times. It also suggests a positive omen in life.
In the Persian tradition silk in a dream predicts a bright future.
The Eastern tradition denotes that silk heralds luxury in your life.
Seeing or using green silk in a dream portends success in commerce.
The dream also means that your external appearance is bright and shiny.

We can't guarantee that all these dreams will come true but we can
guarantee that you will enjoy the experience.

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  • Bookings & Cancellations

    Please notify us telephonically if you are running late for your appointment.
    Should you arrive late the length of the appointment will be shortened as
    all treatments are performed according to a booking schedule.
    If you wish to cancel your appointment please notify us 24 hours
    prior to the appointment date.