Hair removal in Fourways, Bryanston and Lonehill

Looking for hair removal treatments? Silk Beauty Salon is an upmarket salon that services clients in the Fourways, Bryanston and Lonehill areas and we offer a wide range of hair removal treatments, including body waxing. Our experienced beauty therapists are skilled at removing unwanted hair on both men and women.

About waxing

Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal treatments because it removes the hair from the root. After waxing, the hair will only grow back within 3 to 6 weeks. The wax is applied to your body and once it is removed, the hair (along with dead skin cells) will be removed from your body, leaving you with a smooth skin.

While some people opt for at-home waxing solutions, this method usually isn’t ideal because it’s often hard for people to reach certain areas and mix the waxing solution to the right temperature. Your best bet is to entrust this service to the pros at Silk Beauty Salon. Some of the waxing treatments we do include the following:

Face waxes

Both men and women grow unwanted hair on their faces. We offer a wide variety of facial waxes including lip wax, eyebrow wax, chin wax, full face wax, ear or nose wax, side burn wax as well as combo waxes like lip, brow and chin waxes.

Discreet and private wax

Whether you’re getting your body bikini ready for the beach or simply want to feel more confident in your clothes, a wax from Silk Beauty Salon is something you should opt for. We offer Brazilian waxes, bikini waxes, and Hollywood waxes to remove the hair from your bikini.

Body waxes

A smooth chest body is often much sexier than a hairy body! We can wax your chest, tummyline, underarm, arm, legs, back and stomach for you.

Need to get waxed or invest in other hair removal treatments in Fourways, Bryanston or Lonehill? Then contact us today.